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Dag Falck

Dag Falck

Recognized as an expert in the organic industry, Dag Falck has served as Organic Program Manager for Nature’s Path Organic Foods since 2003. Prior to joining the company, he was an organic inspector for 14 years.

Dag studied agronomy in Norway and in North America has worked extensively as an organic inspector in Western Canada, verifying the organic status of a variety of farm operations, large field crop ventures, market gardens and orchards, and complex organic processors.

Dag is active in the success of the organic sector, currently serving as President of the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA) and on the Steering Committee of Prairie Organic Grains Initiative (POGI).  Past  board appointments include Chair of Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (OACC), and 8 years as director on the Non-GMO Project board.

At Nature’s Path, Dag oversees the company’s organic supplies, policies and consumer interactions, building strong organic networks and connections between farmers, manufacturing and consumers.

Dag lives with his wife in British Columbia and enjoys growing his own veggies, organically of course!