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Benefits of Organic Food

Benefits of Organic Food

The Benefits of Organic Food

The benefit of the certified organic food label comes down to having a third-party guarantee that your food was grown and prepared with a particular set of standards – standards that keep toxic synthetic chemicals out of the soil and your breakfast bowl.

But the benefits of both growing organically and eating organic food are much further reaching than your family’s breakfast table. Organic standards prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms and avoids harmful chemicals which results in healthy soil and protects organisms and eco-systems - including our tiniest pollinators and our most expansive oceans.

In our view, organic food represents the “true cost” of food, is more flavorful and possibly even more nutritious. Organic food is real food - the way nature intended.

The infographic below illustrates the benefits of organic food as compared to conventional and ‘natural’ foods.


Benefits of Organic Food - Organic vs. Conventional Food [Infographic]


Where Does Nature’s Path Stand on Organic Food?

Nature’s Path is proud to say that all of our products are certified organic! In the 40-plus years since Arran Stephens opened his first organic restaurant, he has worked tirelessly to spread the organic love far and wide. Arran has worked to keep organic advocacy at the forefront of our company’s mission.

  • From producing the first USDA certified organic cereals;
  • Buying up farmland in order to convert it to organic;
  • Supporting outreach to organic farmers;
  • Installing an organic garden at our corporate headquarters in Richmond BC,

He even went so far as to create a the position of Organic Program Manager in 2003, and hired Dag Falck  for the job of overseeing organic operations and help conventional farmers learn about the benefits of  organic farming. Dag was recognized by the Organic Centre for his remarkable contributions to the organic industry as the recipient of the 2012 Science and Techonology award.


What Can I Do to Support Organic Food?

  • Vote with your dollars in support of chemical-free food and agriculture. Look for the certified organic seal on pack.
  • Get your hands dirty and grow your own food - the organic way. Not sure where to start? Check out our organic gardening blogs for some tips.
  • Support community organic garden projects in your community